Getting Your Ex Back Guide

After pulling your ex back in by giving them space, continuing on with your life and waiting until they make the initial post breakup contact it is time to shift your focus to encouraging a relationship again without making the attempt too obvious or pushy. After your ex contacts you for the second or third time and the relationship is the topic at hand, own up to the mistakes you made. Maybe you were not attentive enough, worked too much or were not romantic enough. Whatever it was talk about in a calm manner and admit your mistakes. This shows your ex that you have realized your errors and shows that you have grown.


Along with owning up to your mistakes display the good qualities that made him/her fall for you in the first place. After communication is open again do not hesitate to spend some time together. Spending time with one another will help spark those romantic feelings again. Just make sure it isn’t something too forward like a going out to dinner. Meet up with mutual friends for a night out or get a cup of coffee. Time is crucial when trying to get your ex back.


As feelings start to grow once again express that you miss him/her. Chances are, they will be open with their feelings too. This is a huge step in the rekindling stage. Both parties start to grow closer once again, spend more time with one another and begin to open up emotionally. Establishing that the romantic connection is still there will bring you and your ex together and soon result in an actual date.


Once you get that date be romantic and enjoy the company. Take this as the opportunity to start fresh. Starting fresh means letting the past go, sharing your feelings and using the time together to your advantage. Do the same things that made your ex fall for you in the first place.


With the tips above you will get your ex back and be in a relationship again. Sometimes love needs a second chance. You just have to take the steps to get that second chance.