Relationship troubles – making your past change!

At some point in everyone’s life, there often is a relationship that was cherished but still came to an end and sometimes, you do have a desire to want it all back. It might seem that he or she doesn’t really want anything to do with you, but it could always be mended now, couldn’t it?


Here are a few ways you can reflect on what went wrong and try and simply work it over to get a second chance:

    1. Understanding the break-up: Being able to come to terms with what went wrong between the two of you and knowing that it’s never as simple as one-sided blame is always a healthy start! It is wise to have all your facts in hand before you are too deep into it and it all seems futile.


    1. Current interests– Try and know if your ex still cares about you or not as without that, all the hard working of trying to make him/her love you again would just be a waste.


    1.  Being yourself– There isn’t going to be anyone else on this earth who would be truer than you! Remember all those little things about you, your behavior and your personality that had your partner falling in love with you in the first place. Rekindling the fire in the same manner that it began once upon a time would be definitely worth a shot.


    1. The restrictions do kill– It is understandable when you would want your partner’s attention since you are trying to win them back, but it is still out of boundaries to ask them to stop seeing other options for themselves. Being too clingy and holding them back with restrictions might simply take them further away.


  1. It doesn’t matter how much you want to get back with your ex, at the end of the day letting them walk all over you is something you never want in your life. Even though your instincts tell you that your needs, your desires or your goals don’t matter, it might be only because you are in the moment of wanting your ex back and no other reason but that.


Temporary solutions like a rebound relation wouldn’t do you or your ex any good. Hence, if it is really bothering you to not be with your ex then you might want to do something about it positively and with self respect intact.