Text your ex back

Well, before jumping to the usual texting scenario after a breakup or a series of breakups, I would rather like discussing the mistakes to avoid. Breaking up was not meant to keep in touch 24×7 and bothering your immediate ex, so DO NOT call or text your ex 24×7. Never beg or try to use pity after the breakup. Don’t be a doormat and let them walk over you. Agreeing to each and everything your ex says is not going to bring the person back in your life, don’t try to shower them with affection. In short, the first and foremost thing you must do is NOT TEXT your ex back in about two weeks. Two weeks is not too much, not too less.

Let the Texting begin- Bow texts

With bow text you are basically trying to break the ice. Keep it simple and light, with bow texts you are not going to make a plan of meeting him up but building a foundation for future.
The goal is to be positive, send positive texts and get rid of the negativity.
That doesn’t mean you will keep sending inspirational, positive texts, even if your ex is not replying. Only if your ex replies positively, you can send some Best of Relationship texts. It would be pleasant to revisit the memory lane. A sneaky trick: remind your ex of a wonderful experience. Bet your ex would be wondering why you’re asking.
Example: What was the name of that beautiful restaurant we had been to for your last birthday?

Planting the Seeds:

The aim through these texts is to build the intimacy between you and your ex. You have to show him support and that you still care. Example: hey, your dad’s birthday is next week, didn’t want you to get in trouble.

Emotional Honest Texts to validate your ex’s feelings:

It’s time to stop the game and lay the cards on the table. Emotionally honest texts will build the intimacy and validate your ex’s feelings, but the tough part is that you have to simply be brutally honest. The texts could fall into the following categories: Compliment texts, what I miss texting, appreciation texts, and how I feel texts.

Time for sealing the deal: Connecting the dots

So far, if you have received positive response from your ex, it is time to stop the emotional game and meet him in real, yes, we are talking about a date all over again.
However, let your ex make the move, it would always be better that way. Keep things casual, there’s no need to be overly romantic, a get together and casual talk should be the aim and of course, don’t assume that another date is next on the chart. Finally, don’t forget to drop him yet another simple yet subtly powerful post date text. Remember to follow the steps of texting in the order given, following it the other way round would put you in trouble. Moreover, text your ex back only if you honestly feel that there’s a chance of you two getting back together, it is not to just manipulate and see if you can trick your ex and get back. This is surely going to work with mutual effort provided you both have feelings for each other. Text your ex back